Established by Ordinance through Administration of Government, Chapter 15 (§15-81).
Powers and jurisdiction of the Board of Adjustment.
(1) The Board of Adjustment shall have the power to:
(a) Hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that there is error in any order, requirement, decision or refusal made by the administrative officer based or made in the enforcement of any provision of the Land Development Ordinance.
(b) Hear and decide, in accordance with the provisions of the Land Development Ordinance, requests for interpretation of the Official Map or Chapter 500, Zoning, or for decisions upon other special questions upon which the Board is authorized to pass by any ordinance or Official Map.
(c) Variance of area or yard requirements.

7:30 PM
2021 Meeting Dates
  Site Inspection Regular Meeting
(*ReOrg & Reg)
February 20 23
March 13 23


May 22 25
June 19 22
July 24


August 21 24
September 25 28
October 23 26
November 20 23
December 19 21**

*Reorganization meeting starts at 7:00 pm

** Please note this is the 3rd Tuesday

This volunteer Board is comprised of seven regular members and two alternates who are predominantly responsible for considering and deciding variance requests to the Township’s Land Development Ordinance (LDO) and the State's Land Use Law.  More specifically, the statutory functions and powers of the Board are 1) to render decisions on applications for bulk variances; 2) to render decisions on applications for use variances; 3) to interpret the Municipal Zoning Map and the LDO; 4) to render decisions on appeals regarding the Zoning Officer's decision; and 5) to decide requests for a determination of pre-existing, non-conforming use status.  The most common bulk variance applications involve additions to existing residences and the construction of new homes.  Bulk variance approval becomes necessary when a proposal does not meet criteria in the LDO (such as lot area or setbacks, for example).  A use variance application becomes necessary when the proposal is for a use that is not permitted in the zone.  Administrative assistance for the Board is through the Planning Department. 

The sitting Board members for 2021 are:  

Chairman - Robert Brady

Vice Chairman - Arthur McQuaid

Regular Members - Linda Connolly, Frank Curcio, Russel Curving, Michael Gerst, Daniel Jurkovic 

Alternates - Jo Ann Blom (Alternate #1), Michael DeJohn (Alternate #2)

Board Attorney - Stephen B. Glatt, Esq.

Board Planner - Kenneth Ochab, P.P.

Board Engineer - Patrick D. McClellan, P.E.

Board Secretary - Pamela Jordan