The ability to prevent and deal effectively with criminal acts discourages future criminal activity.  The public's confidence increases when police aggressively respond to the needs of the community. The West Milford Police Department’s Detective Bureau is committed to safeguarding and enriching the quality of life to the residents of the Township.

    The West Milford Police Department’s Detective Bureau's mission is: 

          1. To establish that, in fact, a crime was committed
          2. To identify and apprehend the suspect
          3. To recover stolen property
          4. To assist the State in prosecuting the party charged 
              with the offense

    The Detective Bureau consists of sworn members who are appointed by the Chief of Police. All detectives are trained general investigators. Detectives are assigned to specialized units, whose performance is enhanced by experience and advanced training. These specialized units include the Narcotics, D.A.R.E., and Youth Bureaus.

    The Detective Bureau monitors all criminal, narcotic and juvenile delinquency complaints. Detectives conduct follow-up investigations into crimes and serious disorderly persons offenses. They also identify crime patterns and gather intelligence, which is forwarded to the Patrol Division. The Detective Bureau conducted 532 investigations in 1999. Property crimes such as burglary, theft, and criminal mischief accounted for 243 investigations. The Youth Bureau conducted 200 investigations into allegations of juvenile delinquency.

The following officers are assigned to the Detective Bureau: