*There is a 3 can limit on household trash with a limit of one bulk item and one bundle of construction debris per pickup.

*Refrigerant (freon) must be removed prior to appliances being collected. 
appliances containing freon include: refrigerators, air conditioners and dehumidifiers).  Refrigerant must be removed by a certified freon contractor.  A freon removal sticker must be clearly displayed prior to being picked up by our recycling contractor.  If you have difficulty locating a certified contractor please contact the recycling office at 
(973) 728-2724 for further information.  

*Appliances containing freon will not be accepted at the recycling center without a freon removal sticker being clearly displayed.

Please be advised that scrap metal is collected on a call in basis only.

Please call 973-728-2724 to be added to the the list.

Metal will be collected on Tuesdays based on collection zone (see below ):

Plastics Recycling to include PETE #1, #2 and #5.   

Sorry no styrofoam or plastic bags please.

Listed below are the five zones for recycling and solid waste collection:

Recycling Zone 1 – Monday                 Garbage Collection – Friday

Areas included: Bald Eagle Village, Crescent Park, Farmcrest, Hi-Lo Acres, Newfoundland, Oak Ridge, Reflection Lakes Apts., Sundown Farms, Union Valley Road (from Rt. #23 to Omni School)

Metal collection - First Tuesday of each month

Recycling Zone 2 – Tuesday                 Garbage Collection – Monday 

Areas included: Upper Greenwood Lake, Warwick Turnpike & White Road

Metal collection - Second Tuesday of each month

Recycling Zone 3 – Wednesday            Garbage Collection – Tuesday

Areas included: All roads off Lakeside Road, Awosting, Birch Hill, Burnt Meadow Road, East Shore Road, Elm Street, Greenbrook Estates, Lakeside, Marshall Hill Road, Pinecliff Lake, Ridge Road (from Cahill Cross Road to Union Valley Road), Stowaway Park, Wallisch Estates

Metal collection - Third Tuesday of each month

Recycling Zone 4 – Thursday                Garbage Collection – Wednesday

Areas included: All roads off Morsetown Road, Alpine Ridge Road, Autumn Court, Bald Eagle Commons, Cahill Cross Road, Camelot Estates, Dockerty Hollow Road, Fairview Court, Gould Road, Highview Estates, Kitchell Lake, Macopin Road (from Union Valley Road to Maple Road), Morsetown Road, Mountain Rise, Olde Milford Estates, Peter & Hazel Roads, Pinecrest Lake, Pondview Drive, Red Barn & Holiday Lane, Rockburn, Snake Den Road, Starlight & Nosenzo Pond Roads, Tall Timbers,  Westbrook Road and all roads off Westbrook, Will Lane, Wooley Road

Metal collection - Fouth Tuesday of each month

Recycling Zone 5 – Friday                    Garbage Collection – Thursday

Areas included: Apshawa, Ashbrook Lane, Baldwin Drive, Blakely Lane, Corter Lane, Echo Lake area, Forest Hill Park, Germantown Road and all roads off Germantown, Glennon Road, Gordon Lakes, Green Terrace Way, Hancock Drive, High Crest Lake, Hightop Road, Highview Drive, Hillview Court, Joseph Place, Krattiger Court, Lake Isle Drive, Larsen Drive, Lindy’s Lake, Macopin Road (from Maple Road to Bloomingdale line), Maple Road and all roads off Maple, Misty Lane, Mountain Springs Lake, Otterhole Road and all roads off Otterhole, Postbrook Roads North & South, Sanders Court,  Saw Mill Road, Schofield Road, Shady Lake, Trails End, Upper & Lower Mt. Glen Lakes, Viking Road, Weaver Road, Wonder Lake

Metal collection - Fourth Tuesday of each month

 If you have any questions, please contact our office at 973-728-2724