The Township of West Milford has instituted a non-solicitation list for Township residents. This is effective September 25, 2018. Please click below to register if you do not wish to be solicited/canvassed at your home. Please complete the form to send your property address to the Municipal Clerk. Per Chapter 263 Article IV “Restrictions” the “Non-Solicitation” List consists solely of property addresses where the owner and/or occupant has notified the Municipal Clerk that soliciting and canvasing is not permitted on his/her premises.  

Any resident desiring to be placed on the “Non-Solicitation” List shall register such property below.  Please note that the “Non-Solicitation” List consists solely of property addresses. 

Complete ALL information and submit the request form by using the link below.  Missing information will delay the property being listed. 


Registration on the “Non-Solicitation” List” shall expire five (5) calendar years following the end of the calendar year of registration, unless renewed by notifying the Township Clerk’s office accordingly. 

The list shall be distributed to applicants seeking a license to solicit or canvass pursuant to Chapter 263-26(b).  No individual obtaining a license pursuant to §263-25 shall enter onto any property on which is located a sign or signs stating “no solicitors” or carrying a similar message forbidding the entry of any persons onto the property.  It shall be unlawful pursuant to §263-26(d) and §263-27 for any peddlers, solicitors, hawkers, vendors, or conduct door to door within the Township at any address registered on the “Non-Solicitation” List. 

The Township Clerk’s Office shall maintain a “Non-Solicitation List” a copy of which shall be provided to all applicants, persons or organizations seeking a license to solicit or canvas pursuant to §263

If you prefer a printable form is available.  Go to Departments > Clerk’s Office > Forms & Documents > Non Solicitation

Print, complete and submit a form to the Clerk’s Office in person, by U.S. Mail or email as instructed on the form.