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Department: Planning & Zoning

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  • Zoning
    • How do I apply for a Zoning Permit?

      Visit sdl.town/WestMilford to apply for Zoning Permits.

      A property survey is REQUIRED for all Zoning Permit Applications. Draw to scale on your property survey the exact location and dimensions of the proposed structure and the distances to all property lines and other buildings. If any of the required information is not provided, the application will not be processed. 

    • What is the status of my Zoning Permit Application?

      Applications are reviewed in the order that we receive them. State Law provides 10 business days for review. The review process begins on the day payment is received and can take up to 2 weeks. After the application has been reviewed and approved by the Zoning Officer, you will receive an email with the Zoning Permit attached. Applications that are incomplete or do not include a property survey will not be processed.

    • Do I need a permit for...?
      • Installing or repairing a fence: Yes. On any lot in any residential district, no wall or fence shall be erected or altered so that such wall or fence is over four feet in height in the front yard areas and six feet in height in the side and rear yard areas, with a few exceptions.
      • Constructing/placing a shed: Yes. All sheds, regardless of size, require a zoning permit. Sheds over 200 square feet require a zoning permit and a construction permit. For further information, please contact the Building Department at (973) 728-2780.
      • Putting in a pool: Yes. Township Swimming Pool Ordinance
      • Repairing, replacing, or installing a sign: Yes.
      • Placing a temporary dumpster: No. However, if you will be placing the dumpster on any road, please contact the Township Police Department Non-Emergency line to let them know: (973) 728-2802.
      • Changing a commercial use in a commercial building: Yes. You will require a zoning permit to change a business in an existing commercial structure.
    • My Zoning Permit Application was denied. How do I apply for a use or bulk variance?

      Please contact the Secretary for the Zoning Board of Adjustment at [email protected] to begin this process.

    • Is this property buildable?

      The Zoning Department can only tell you what uses are permitted in the property’s zone district and what the bulk standard requirements are for the municipality, not whether the land can be developed. The entire Township of West Milford is in the Highlands Preservation Area, which severely impacts what may or may not be able to be built. There are a number of factors that go into determining if a parcel can be developed, including, but not limited to, conformance with zoning requirements, Highlands regulations, if there are wetlands, streams and associated buffers, or other environmental limitations on site or in close proximity, easements, and/or deed restrictions. Conformance with zoning can be determined by checking the Township Code, which lists the permitted uses, minimum lot size and building setback requirements to build in each zoning district. Environmental restrictions and limitations are determined through application to either the NJ Highlands Council or the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection, depending on what type of permit you need. It is recommended that you first contact the Health Department for septic and well regulations.

    • Do you have a copy of my survey?

      Maybe. If you applied for a Zoning Permit in the past, then we might have a copy of the survey that was current at that time. But if you've done any work on your property since that time, then the survey we have on file is not current. 

    • What are the Zoning Permit Application fees?

      New Single Family Residential Homes:  $75.00

      Residential Additions:  $50.00

      Residential Accessory Bldgs (over 100 sq ft):  $50.00

      Fences, Pools, Sheds, Walls, Decks & Signs:  $40.00

      Generators & Home Occupation:  $40.00

      Change in Tenancy:  $20.00

      Commercial Buildings:  $150.00

      Commercial Additions/Alterations:  $100.00

    • My neighbor and I are having a dispute regarding the boundary lines of our properties. Can the Zoning Department help me?

      No. This is NOT a zoning issue. Property line disputes are personal legal matters and are not within the jurisdiction of the Township.