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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Department: Engineering

  • Engineering Division
    • How can I get a map of my property?

      The Engineering Division is the storage facility for many different types of West Milford maps.  We have tax maps, filed maps, flood maps, street maps, site plans, aerial topography and historic maps.  Not all types of maps are available for all properties but you are welcome to visit our office to review the documents.  Most map copies can be made for $5.00, while you wait.  We are located at 30 Lycosky Drive, across from the Recycling Center.

    • I'd like to pave, widen or add a new driveway. Are any permits required?

      A Right-of-Way Entry Permit is required for most work performed within a Township right-of-way, including but not limited to paving, widening or adding a new driveway.  Certain driveway work may be exempt from the Right-of-Way Entry Permit and major excavation could trigger other permits, so contact the Engineering Division or applicable Township offices to confirm prior to starting work.  Please take care to insure that all construction will take place on your property and not to direct run-off onto your neighbor.  Applications for a Right-of-Way Entry Permit may be obtained at the Clerk's Office.

    • I'm planning a landscaping project. Are any permits required?

      Lot Development Plan approval supercedes the requirements of individual site permits.  However, if your project does not include a Lot Development Plan, one of the following permits may be required.  Trees less than 4" diameter are considered brush and no permit is required.  If you intend to remove larger trees, the limit is 5 trees per acre per year, or you will need a Tree Removal Permit / Forest Management Plan.  The disturbance, addition or subtraction of more than 100 cubic yards of material but less than 500 cubic yards will require a Minor Soil Permit through the Engineering Division for $100.  Soil operations greater than 500 cubic yards require a Major Soil Permit that will include a Site Plan and Planning Board approval. 

    • The bank has informed me that I must purchase flood insurance. Is this correct?

      Federal law requires the bank to have all loans covered by flood insurance, where applicable.  The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM's) are available for inspection at www.fema.gov.  If you feel that your property has been incorrectly designated as flood, you should contact the bank for the process necessary for relief.

    • What is GIS?

      GIS is an acronym that stands for Geographic Information Systems.  By entering different types of information that have a geographic location (i.e. roads, zoning districts, fire hydrants, aerial photography, topography, etc.) into a computer, one can then choose to overlay a variety of that information to see their relationship. Maps can then be made with better information leading to better decision-making.

    • When is my road scheduled for repaving?

      Since the inception of West Milford's Pavement Management Program in 2002, nearly 400 roads / sections of roads have been inspected and added to the "Road Rating List".  Since then, 190 roads / sections of roads have been resurfaced.  Roads / sections of roads not resurfaced are re-rated every 3 years.  Roads are generally resurfaced in "worst first" order.  There are approximately 500 paved Township owned roads in West Milford, totaling 150 miles.  The amount of road resurfacing each year is dependent upon the amount of local funding, grant funding and Passaic County road resurfacing.  There are an additional 35 miles of paved County owned roads within West Milford.  If you would like to know where your road ranks, please contact us.  If your road is not on the list, we will inspect it, rate it and add it to the list.