Charles Carbone, P.E., Supervising Engineering Aide




Preliminary fieldwork was performed regarding a drainage concern on Baldwin Drive.  Technical assistance was provided to the Department of Public Works for test pits performed to identify the extents of the drainage concerns.  Drainage improvements are potentially to be designed and considered for future construction, if warranted and feasible.


Additional fieldwork was performed regarding a drainage concern on Briarcliff Drive.  Technical assistance was provided to the Department of Public Works for test pits performed to identify the location of an underground failing stormwater drainage pipe.  Drainage improvements are to be designed and construction coordinated with the Department of Public Works.


Six (6) initial, single-family, residential lot development plans were reviewed for compliance with Section 110-4 of the Township Code and any applicable Board resolutions.  Three (3) as-built / final plans were reviewed, inspected and processed as needed.  All lot development plan review results are entered into the “Spatial Data Logic” system.  The results are also posted for public consumption within the Engineering Division section of the Township’s website ( under the Site Plan Tracker.


A site meeting was attended with municipal staff to discuss operations regarding potential property access as part of a septic improvement plan.  The access of the property was discussed with the Health Department and Administration Office.


Technical assistance was provided to the Department of Public Works regarding a drainage concern along Morsetown Road.  Field assistance was provided during in-house construction.


Additional bids were received for snow plowing services on October 7th.  The Governing Body awarded, by resolution, contracts to two additional contractors totaling 17 trucks for 2022-2023 Snow Plowing Services at the October 19th meeting.  The Township contracts for private snow plowing services (trucks and drivers) annually to supplement in-house manpower and equipment.  The Department of Public Works is responsible for snow and ice removal on all 194 miles of Township, non-Township and private roads within West Milford.


A site meeting was attended with municipal and NJDEP staff to discuss operations of a property on Union Valley Road.  The soil movement and work at the site was under review by the NJDEP and would be enforced by their regulations.


Technical assistance was provided for in-house stormwater drainage improvements to resolve long standing drainage concerns at Van Orden Road.  The in-house construction project provided for additional stormwater structures and replacement of existing stormwater drainage pipes, as needed.  Improvements were designed and technical assistance was provided at the intersection of Clinton Road.


  • Technical assistance, regarding lot development plans, storm drainage issues, active construction projects, flood zones, right-of-way issues, etc. was provided to concerned residents on 30 occasions.  Field inspections, photographs, reports and/or follow up were required for 5 of these issues.
  • Technical assistance was provided, for various issues, to other departments on 58 occasions.
  • File research, map copies and/or information were provided to professionals on 7 occasions.
  • 2 large format map copies were made at $5.00 each.
  • Assistance was provided to builders, contractors and utilities on 13 occasions.
  • Draft specifications were reviewed for future editing for the renovations at the Ridge Road municipal building.
  • Engineering assistance was provided to the Zoning Officer on three occasions.
  • Rain inspections were performed on various Township streets regarding ongoing resident concerns when weather allowed.
  • Ongoing revisions to proposed cannabis locations were completed upon request utilizing GIS software.
  • Inspections were performed at the Compost Facility.
  • Soil logs were inspected for the proposed septic system improvement at the municipal complex.
  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars building was measured and a draft plan was provided to the Construction Official.
  • Two Administration meetings were attended.
  • 6 Right of Way Entry Permit Applications were received, processed, and returned to the Clerk’s office.
  • 5 OPRA requests were responded to.
  • 2 Board of Adjustment application was reviewed.
  • 2 meetings with the Township Administrator were attended.
  • A “Roadway traffic and safety improvement program” webinar was attended.
  • A Department head meeting was attended.
  • A webinar on cybersecurity was attended.
  • The budget for the 2023 year was prepared and a meeting was attended with the Administrator and the Chief Financial Officer.
  • A council meeting and the preparation of a proposed ordinance for the Macopin Road speed limit study.
  • A site meeting at the Annex was held with Orange and Rockland Electric to discuss the proposed storm hardening for that building.
  • Plans and specifications were reviewed for the proposed replacement of the Stowaway Road bridge super structure.




CLINTON road – section 4

The resurfacing of a section of Clinton Road, between Passaic County Structure #175 and 0.9-miles south was completed on September 23rd.  Close-out documents for the project, including core test results, must be submitted to the local aid office within six months of the date of the final NJDOT inspection.  Material sampling (bituminous asphalt core tests) was completed.  A list of minor punch list items was provided to the contractor for completion prior to final payment.   Upon receipt of the material sampling report, the Contractor will be notified of required documents and invoices for project close out.  This 0.9-mile resurfacing project is being partially funded by a $284,000 State Aid roadway grant.

2022 TOWNSHIP ROAD RESURFACING – Gould Road, Van Orden Road

Bids for the resurfacing of Gould Road, between Wooley Road and Union Valley Road, and Van Orden Road, between Union Valley Road and Clinton Road, were advertised October 9th and scheduled for receipt on October 21st.  Six bids were received and results were provided to the Township Attorney for review.  A construction contract is anticipated to be awarded at the November 2nd Governing Body meeting.  The resurfacing project accounts for the repaving of 1.8-miles of Township roads.  Additional preparatory items will be completed in-house by the Department of Public Works staff prior to the start of construction.


Residential concerns were inspected and repairs provided by the Contractor.  The project provided for the resurfacing of Lake Shore Drive (North) between Warwick Turnpike and Longhouse Drive (1.4 miles).  The Contractor will provide necessary documents prior to the close out of the project.


The consultant traffic engineer was contacted regarding the conceptual traffic signal plan after a preliminary review was performed by the Engineering Division.  The consultant Engineer made the revisions and submitted a new proposal for  review  and comment. The design work intends to improve the Union Valley Road, Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Lakeside Road and Stainsby Road intersection.