APRIL 2024

Charles Carbone, P.E., Supervising Engineering Aide



Technical assistance was provided to the DPW for spring maintenance of the park.  Annual maintenance is performed by the DPW to assist the Community Services & Recreation Department prior to the opening of the swimming lake.  Potential projects and additional field work was reviewed and performed, respectively, as needed.

bus shelter – UNION VALLEY ROAD

As part of the ongoing work to replace the bus shelter at Union Valley Road near Marshall Hill Road intersection, the private property owner responded with positive interest in moving forward with a potential easement on the private property for the bus shelter to be constructed.  The next stage is legal drafting and review of an agreement with the property owner and filing of the easement.


The Passaic County Department of Planning and Economic Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Director was contacted regarding the status of the CDBG FY2021 project.  The anticipated project included a proposed ADA ramp at the Ridge Road building that is to be a separate project from the ongoing renovation work.  Unfortunately, waterproofing of the building concerns has altered the design and requires further evaluation and design.  As a result, the design of the proposed ramp would be impacted.  A formal request for a time extension for the grant project was submitted to the Director of the program for consideration of extension.


As part of the Passaic County Department of Planning and Economic Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) FY2023 project, proposals were solicited from professional architects for the rehabilitation of the Bubbling Springs Restroom Facility.  The project intends to provide barrier-free restrooms at the community recreational facility.


Thirteen (13) initial, single-family, residential lot development plan was reviewed for compliance with Section 110-4 of the Township Code and any applicable Board resolutions.  Four (4) as-built / final plans were reviewed, inspected and processed as needed.  All lot development plan review results are entered into the “Spatial Data Logic” system.  The results are also posted for public consumption within the Engineering Division section of the Township’s website ( under the Site Plan Tracker.


A drainage concern was investigated at Ryan Court as a result of an icing concern.  Due to the recent volume of precipitation, the groundwater table is causing water to seep to the surface and flow across private property and onto the newly resurfaced roadway.  As a water utility easement containing a water main is in the area of concern, the utility company was contacted and indicated they were not under the impression the source was from the water main.  A drainage project was created for in-house completion between DPW and Engineering staff, to be completed as the schedule allows.  Additional field work was completed to confirm potential drainage improvements in the area and to confirm the site conditions.


As part of the annual stormwater report submission process as required by the Township’s NJPDES permit for a Tier ‘A’ municipality, stormwater records and items were compiled as part of the report.  Applicable information and data was provided to the consultant.  The municipal stormwater webpage was reviewed for compliance with the latest enhanced regulations as required under the NJDEP Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Tier ‘A’ permit.  The New Jersey Highlands Council was contacted regarding the completion of items from a 2023 funding allocation.  The intent is to complete or close out items that remain and roll the incomplete work into a future 2024 funding request.  The Governing Body introduced an amendment ordinance to the Town Code chapter pertaining to tree removal with a potential adoption date of May 1st.  Under the new permit requirements and enhanced stormwater regulations, the tree removal chapter required updates to include town-wide applicability and a mechanism to require replanting of trees when required.  The 2023 annual report and supplemental questionnaire submission was coordinated with the consultant for State review.


Correspondence, meetings and project specific items were discussed with Township officials, the contractor and the design architect in order to move the project forward.  The status of the revised plan review by the Building Department was discussed to determine the status.  A change order proposal was received and provided to the Governing Body, by resolution, for consideration.  The approved change order permits the required work associated with the revised floor plans as a result of changing municipal staff occupying the building.  The Contractor was advised of various items seeking proposals and the Township is awaiting the proposal.  Other maintenance items were highlighted and discussed with Township officials for future repair.


  • Technical assistance, regarding lot development plans, storm drainage issues, active construction projects, flood zones, right-of-way issues, etc. were provided to concerned residents on 49 occasions.  Field inspections, photographs, reports and/or follow up were required for 3 of these issues.
  • Technical assistance was provided, for various issues, to other departments on 43 occasions.
  • File research, map copies and/or information was provided to professionals on 11 occasions.
  • Assistance was provided to builders, contractors and utilities on 13 occasions.
  • 3 Right of Way Entry Permit Applications were received, processed, and returned to the Clerk’s office.
  • Past GIS records were reviewed to assist the DPW regarding on ongoing project for maps and similar items.
  • 2 potential soil moving concerns were evaluated and response provided to pertinent municipal office(s) as needed
  • Rain inspections were performed during heavy rain events at various locations to record and identify potential improvements, if any.
  • Cyber security training was completed by Engineering Division staff.
  • Utility companies were provided preliminary construction site locations for the upcoming construction season.
  • Due to an ongoing site concern, the NJDEP was contacted and information exchanged regarding current compliance matters for the site.
  • A traffic concern was reviewed regarding the NJDOT Route 23 Bridge over Pequannock River / Hamburg Turnpike project.
  • A request for road signage was reviewed and recommendation provided to the Administrator.
  • Engineering Division observation reports, travel logs and other supplemental reporting information was provided to Administration, as required.
  • A Joint Environmental Remediation Committee meeting was attended.
  • Engineering staff continued Paving Inspector Certification courses as time permitted.
  • 5 OPRA requests were responded to.
  • 5 Board of Adjustment applications were reviewed.
  • 5 weekly reports for Administration were prepared.
  • A webinar “Engineering Ethics” was attended by Engineering staff.
  • A webinar “Stormwater Management Design Review Course” was attended by Engineering staff.
  • 3 outdoor permits were reviewed.






A walk-through inspection was performed on Clinton Road, between Passaic County culvert #177 and Stephens Road, as part of the design process for this NJDOT FY2023 Municipal Aid grant resurfacing project. Existing conditions were documented and potential future work was recorded for design of the project.  The construction plans are under design.  This resurfacing project is partially funded by a $462,340 State Aid roadway grant.


The resurfacing of Germantown Road, between Macopin Road and 0.8-miles south, was completed by October 27th with minor punchlist items completed into December. The close out process was confirmed and the items required for submittal were prepared for upload to the new New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Project Management and Reporting System (PMRS).  A portion of the items were created and gathered from the required authorizing individuals to close out the project.  The new electronic system aids for electronic management of NJDOT grant projects.  This resurfacing project is partially funded by a $332,000 State Aid roadway grant.


A walk-through inspection was performed on Maple Road as part of the design process for this NJDOT FY2022 Municipal Aid grant resurfacing project.  Existing conditions were documented and potential future work was recorded for design of the project.  Field work was performed to survey a portion of the roads existing conditions to identify potential drainage improvements for design prior to resurfacing.  Passaic County confirmed minor work regarding the county-owned culvert and anticipates scheduling the work in the near future.  This resurfacing project is partially funded by a $477,040 State Aid roadway grant.


The Governing Body previously approved, by resolution, a contract award for the final design and contract document completion to the consulting Township Engineer for the Hanover, Alpine, Princeton, Lyons and Beverly Road Improvement Project as per their provided proposal.  Discussions were held with the design engineers and inquiring residents regarding the project.  Preliminary electronic plans, for review and comment, were received and comments provided to the design engineer team.  Once revisions are completed, a draft set of plans are anticipated to be provided for Township staff to review on comment during a field inspection.  The proposed project intends to improve, through special assessment charged to the potentially benefiting property owners, Hanover Road, Alpine Court, Princeton Road (portion), Lyons Road (portion), and Beverly Court.  These dirt/gravel roads were accepted by ordinance in the summer of 2019.  A special assessment ordinance was approved by the Governing Body in April 2022 at a Town Council meeting to award the funding for this project.  Field work was completed through the winter of 2022-2023 and design began as time permitted in 2023.  A preliminary/conceptual design, as originally proposed during its initial evaluation, was provided to the consulting Township Engineer in September of 2023 for review.  The review yielded potential environmental concerns and as a result was discussed and further reviewed through November of 2023.


As part of the ongoing project to assist the Stowaway Park association by way of an assessment project, the fourth phase of the project (gas main relocation) was completed by the utility company.  The fifth and final phase of final restoration and project completion by the Contractor was discussed and scheduled to begin April 30th and continue into May.  The project has been broken down into five phases with varying levels of impact to the area.  The Contractor and impacted utility company were able to successfully complete the first two phases in January (temporary pedestrian bridge installation and installation of temporary underground gas line, respectfully).  The Contractor completed the third phase (superstructure replacement) in March.  In mid April the permanent gas line was installed and the temporary gas line was abandoned. As part of an assessment project, the work performed on this non-Township road will be paid back by the benefitting property owners to the Township as part of the assessment procedures.


As part of the 2023 Township Road Resurfacing – Phase 2 project, the plan design process began for Appletree Lane and Lake Shore Drive (between Fanwood Court and Longhouse Drive, approximately 1.2 miles).  As part of the design, maintenance repair items and other minor improvements will be provided to the DPW completion prior to resurfacing.


A proposed list of roads to be improved as part of the 2024 Township Road Resurfacing Program project was prepared for the Finance Department as part of consideration for a potential funding ordinance.  Roads proposed for improvement are determined through the analysis of existing road conditions and the Pavement Management Program.  In addition, other improvements, such as site development and bridge replacement, are considered in evaluating and determining a viable program.  Preliminary material quantities were provided to the DPW to identify needs.  Field work will begin once the funding is secured for the program.  The program is anticipated to be bifurcated between local roads utilizing cooperative purchasing programs and mains roads utilizing public bid procedures.


As part of the ongoing work to move forward with the proposed traffic signal project at the Union Valley Road, Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Lakeside Road and Stainsby Road intersection, a pre-construction meeting was held April 26, 2024 with the contractor, police department, County officials, and various utility companies.  The contract has been executed by all parties and the Contractor indicated a willingness to begin site work in the near future though the completion of the project will require time as a result of material availability. Notification will be provided to the public once a start date is confirmed.  The project intends to make intersection improvements at the subject intersection, including a proposed traffic signal.