This section is supposed to be for the Police Department.  Before I write about the Police, I would like to explain the all-encompassing concept of Emergency Services.  Emergency Services that this town should be very proud of.  It is not just the Police Department, but the Fire Department, the Ambulance Corps,  and Search & Rescue. I will also include another Township service that is not “theoretically” an Emergency Service, our Dept. of Public Works.   All, parts of the paid and volunteer personnel that work to keep the residents and visitors of this Township safe.
    There’s not an officer out there that is not relieved to hear the ambulance siren coming as they hold a citizen that is injured or having a heart attack. 
    The Fire Department’s role is prevention and suppression of fires.  Their “Fire Police” also assist with traffic at crash scenes, so the one or two officers available are free to investigate the scene, or to assist the ambulance.  These volunteers protect the police, ambulance, and their own personnel using Jaws of Life to extricate a victim while working crash sites
    Search and Rescue work tirelessly into the night in wet weather, cold weather, whatever conditions, to locate hikers that have gotten lost on one of our many trails throughout the beautiful forests within our borders.  These hikers are generally not prepared for adverse weather making these rescues time sensitive.
    Our DPW are mostly seen on road jobs, construction areas, etcetera.  But these workers are always ready to clear roads of snow or fallen trees after or during major storms so we may get to citizens needing medical help.
    All of these services are a part of what helps us do our part as professionally as we do.  
    Now, on to the Police Department.   2010 saw an exodus of several of the highly trained and experienced top staff.  During this time the rest of the department rallied and continued to keep the town services going.  The true backbone of this department, of any department, never waivered from their job.  This is the Patrol Officers, Detectives, Sergeants, and Dispatchers of the department.  They are the personnel that keep the safety of the towns-people foremost in their thoughts, many times at the expense of their own safety and wellbeing.  These are the people that work swing shifts, weekends, holidays, the worse the weather, the more important it is that they are at work.  They cannot stay home with their families on holidays, children’s birthdays or recitals.
    The remainder of the workforce, the Lieutenants, Captains, and the Chief, are the facilitators to the backbone.  They provide the experience, training, and direction to keep the rest running smoothly.  And an intricate part of that cadre’ are the Civilian staff, the Records Clerks and the Chief’s Administrative Assistant, the ones barraged with the never- ending paperwork that must accompany all businesses.
    One thought to keep in mind and was highlighted with 9-11, 2001; when everyone was running away, the Finest and Bravest were running in.  This is our daily mindset.

    Chief Gene Chiosie