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Lance Cpl. Brian P. Parello Post Office Dedication

Release Date: October 31, 2005

The West Milford Post Office was dedicated to Lance Cpl. Brian P. Parello on Friday, October 28, 2005.  Mayor Joseph Di Donato spoke for the Township when he made the following remarks:

Mr. and Mrs. Parello, Matthew, Anthony and Honored Guests:

"Marine Lance Cpl. Brian Parrello, a West Milford son, died in Iraq on January 1, 2005, while fighting America's enemies.  At an age when most of us see the world as little more than ourselves, Brian saw a much larger world.  He saw the country he loved threatened to its core by a fanatical enemy.  And what he saw filled him with an overarching duty and unflinching heroism.  Today, the United States of America exists as the great experiment in democracy and freedom only because of Brian and heroes past.

It's not for us to know our allotted time on this Earth, nor often, our purpose for being here.  We just know that we are here, and at some point we are required to leave.  Some people make extended voyages through life without a ripple of notice.  Others are granted only a brief passage, but leave an enduring wake that profoundly affects those beside and those who follow.

The measure of a remarkable life is not found in the volume of years lived but in the volume of love and sacrifice left behind.  To be remembered for a selfless and heroic act is the closest any of us will ever come to immortality.  And Brian achieved it.

On behalf of the residents of West Milford I am proud to honor Brian with the naming of this Post Office for Lance Cpl. Brian Parrello."