‚ÄčEric Miller, Supervising Engineering Aide



The preliminary budget requests for 2020 Engineering Division operating and capital expenditures were prepared and submitted to Administration and Finance.  A meeting was attended with DPW staff to discuss proposed expenditures for joint programs and projects.  A meeting was attended by Administration, Finance and Engineering staff to review the submissions.  Subsequent to the preliminary budget meetings additional submissions were prepared as requested.


Three (3) initial, single-family, residential lot development plans were reviewed for compliance with Section 110-4 of the Township Code and any applicable Board resolutions.  All lot development plan review results are entered into the “Spatial Data Logic” system.  The results are also posted for public consumption within the Engineering Division section of the Township’s website ( under the Lot Development Plan Tracker.


On December 5th a preconstruction meeting was attended, in Paterson, for the replacement of the failing bridge on Morsetown Road at the Kitchell Lake Drive intersection.  The emergency Passaic County bridge replacement construction will require a months-long closure of Morsetown Road that will commence as soon as the new precast concrete culvert has been manufactured.  The contractor has advised that there will be two to three weeks of demolition and prep work prior to the installation of the new culvert segments.  The wing walls and parapets will then be concrete formed in place.


Technical assistance continues to be provided to DPW staff for the installation of previously designed storm drainage improvements to address a long standing water issue.  The total project, consisting of 1,600 feet of pipe and 13 structures, will be constructed as weather permits.


Year-end tax map revisions, requested by the Tax Assessor, have been completed.  Tax maps are an important tool for the Tax Assessor and must be continuously maintained under the supervision of a New Jersey licensed land surveyor.  The drafting is completed in-house and the Township contracts annually for the land surveyor.


Two Engineering Division staff members provided a total of 34.25 hours of inspection of contracted snow plow routes for the storm of December 2nd – 3rd.  Resident snowplow damage concerns were investigated with action taken when applicable.  Storm event reports for all winter maintenance operations, involving contract services and/or DPW overtime, were prepared and submitted to Administration.


  • Technical assistance, regarding lot development plans, storm drainage issues, active construction projects, flood zones, right-of-way issues, etc. was provided to concerned residents on 41 occasions.  Field inspections, photographs, reports and/or follow up were required for 7 of these issues.
  • Technical assistance was provided, for various issues, to other departments on 73 occasions.
  • Two large format copies were made for $5.00 each.  Three no charge maps were made for other offices, boards and/or committees.
  • File research, map copies and/or information were provided to professionals on 18 occasions.
  • Assistance was provided to builders, contractors and utilities on 18 occasions.
  • Two Zoning Board of Adjustment applications were reviewed for any possible conflicts with Township infrastructure and/or pending projects.
  • Two Planning Board applications were reviewed for any possible conflicts with Township infrastructure and/or pending projects.
  • Weekly meetings were attended with the Interim Township Administrator on three occasions.
  • One department head meeting was attended.
  • Report prepared for Administration on the history of grants and implementation of water quality improvements to Township storm drain outfall pipes that discharge to Belcher Creek.
  • Individual truck route maps were generated for the new garbage contractor as requested by the Director of Public Works.
  • Annual revisions were made to the Township Street Map.
  • Twenty properties struck off to the Township during the 2019 property sale were reviewed.  A report was submitted to the Tax Collector.
  • Two Street Excavation permits were reviewed, bonds established and submitted to the Clerk’s Office for processing.  One outstanding bond was recommended for release.
  • After 37 years of quality service to the Township, Henry Den Herder retired from the Engineering Division.





Guide rail repairs were completed for sections along Awosting Road, Canistear Road, Clinton Road, Morsetown Road and Westbrook Road under the Morris County Cooperative Pricing Council Contract #26: Beam Guide Rail and Safety Ends within the awarded $37,000 allotment.


The revised quote for design services has been deemed acceptable to the Interim Township Administrator and will be presented for Governing Body consideration at the January 15th Regular Meeting.


Full time inspection was provided for the installation of the newly designed storm drainage system for the dirt/gravel road neighborhood that includes Harrison Street, Jefferson Street, Walnut Street and Paul Street.  Base course paving has now been completed for all streets within the project.  The contractor has indicated that driveway and property restoration will continue as weather permits.  The asphalt curb and surface course paving will be completed during the 2020 construction season.