The natural beauty of our township, coupled with the giving nature of its residents, makes West Milford a truly unique and very special place to live. Our mountains, hiking trails, and pristine lakes and streams make West Milford not only our home, but also the home for countless wildlife species. Where else can you see bald eagles soaring over ridges, black bear strolling with new born cubs, or large-mouth bass jumping out of the water, all within an hour of Manhattan.
    In the coming months and years, West Milford will be faced with numerous important decisions. These decisions will directly affect our quality of life and the natural wonders that surround us for generations to come. To safeguard our future, the policies we set will need to balance protecting both our invaluable resources and our financial health.

    Our governing bodies have a fiduciary responsibility to set sound goals and to meet the challenges of our township with courage and determination. It is imperative that we stay focused on the facts and merits of our issues. Indeed, many decisions will be difficult and at times unpopular, but I believe that serving the Township’s best interests must always outweigh individual popularity.

    Each day marks a new beginning and the opportunity for positive change. While change does not always come easy and is oftentimes met with great resistance, I am optimistic that West Milford is truly ready for a fresh start. As your Mayor, I look forward to serving our community to the best of my ability, to promoting progress, and to encouraging many new and positive beginnings for our township.