Mayor’s Message 2013

Dear West Milford Neighbor,

West Milford has seen its fair share of storm-related disasters in recent years.  Through them all, members of our community volunteer to help one another in the face of adversity.  We are so very blessed to live in a community where so many people, businesses, churches and organizations voluntarily join forces to donate their time, services and goods to help our fellow residents.  Families cook meals for those seeking emergency shelter at Hillcrest.  Churches serve hot meals daily.  Boy Scouts conduct blanket drives.  Neighborhoods conduct food drives.  Neighbors check on fellow neighbors, offer rides and run errands for one another.  Residents in homes with electrical service offer rooms, warmth and showers for those without.  The list goes on….
Our OEM (Office of Emergency Management), police, DPW, fire, first aid, search & rescue, and Hillcrest staff members and volunteers offer their tireless efforts throughout these major storm events.  They diligently work on your behalf, many risking their lives on a daily basis.  The coordination of these forces, their efforts and their responses in the midst of multiple ongoing emergencies and havoc is a testament to their professionalism and dedication to the residents of WM. Working directly with this team of talented humanitarians, I can honestly say that it is a privilege to work with them.
Please be reminded that during emergency events, information, guidance and assistance is available by calling the OEM Hotline at 973.728.4140.  Hillcrest Community Center serves as our primary emergency shelter, while food, water, & power sources are generally available in multiple locations. The OEM hotline can provide you with that information as well as information concerning road closures, fuel supplies, school closings, and resource locations.  For updated information, you can also sign up for OEM alerts or visit the Disaster Link on the Township’s website or the WM Police Department’s Facebook page.
As individuals, we are blessed to have the support from one another.  As a community, we are blessed to have a caring team of professionals keeping us safe on a daily basis as well as during emergency events.
Warmest Regards,