Mayor’s Message 2011

Dear West Milford Neighbor,

    Since I took office on January 1, 2008, the Township has dealt with many challenges and accomplishments. I am repeatedly reminded of what an honor and privilege it is to serve you, our residents, as your Mayor. This has been an exciting and educational experience on both a personal and professional level. Your continued support and words of encouragement renew my spirits and recharge the energy needed to continue to be your voice of reason and to serve you to the best of my ability.

    As a brief summary, several hundred thousand dollars have been saved, and will continue to be saved annually, through various measures I have undertaken. Under my administration, several departments within town hall have been restructured to provide improved services at reduced costs. With the exception of replacing emergency service personnel, the township has maintained a hiring freeze and salary freeze. Further savings in the budget include renegotiated and higher earnings rates on township funds, reduced bond interest rates, and the submission of all marriage fees directly to the township for ceremonies officiated by me. Of course, while I thought my Mayoral duties would keep me tied to West Milford, my many travels and lobbying efforts throughout the State helped restore nearly $758,000 in revenues to our budget. A new library, at no additional cost to the residents, is also underway. Rest assured, my efforts on your behalf will continue in 2011. If you would like to receive updates and hear my personal views, you may subscribe to my e-newsletter by emailing [email protected]

    On a more personal note, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the support, love, and strength I receive from my children, Alexandre and Dominique. They have been extremely patient and understanding of my hectic schedule and the daily interruptions as Mayor. They too have made sacrifices for the benefit of our township. We share an incredibly close, trusting, respectful and loving relationship. I can honestly say they are not only my children, but also my best friends. They are bright, compassionate, caring, honest, successful young adults with utmost integrity. I am most proud of them and know that I am truly blessed. They are the light of my life!

    As we begin another New Year, my hope is that a more cooperative spirit prevails in government and that all residents experience happiness, good health, and financial stability for years to come.


Bettina Bieri, Mayor